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Product description

name Senyuji
author Enami / Sato
type of stone  


The interval between legs is wider than Katsurayukimi.Two stage lantern umbrella and the Hoju on the top.

※Actual size may be different from the size description.


Price 315,000 JPY 

Size  H80  W75cm

Author  Satoshi

Type of stone Granite Hirukawa

Finish chisel





Price 418,000 JPY 

Size  H80  W75cm

Author Juseki

Type of stone Granite Hirukawa

Finish chisel





Price 585,000 JPY 

Size  W90cm

Finish chisel





Price 1,150,000 JPY 

Size  W120cm

Type of stone Granite Hiyoshisakura







Price 3,000,000 JPY 

Size  W135cm

Author  Enami

Type of stone Granite Natsuyama

Finish chisel




■Outline of original lantern

Place of origin:Senyuji temple in Kyoto

Period:Momoyama period